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17 Statistics That Prove Social Media and Customer Service Go Hand in Hand

Nowadays, where do you turn when you have something to say about a business or to a business or brand- whether a question, complaint or comment? Social media.These days it’s the primary outlet to get your questions answered and your complaints heard.

As social media is the number one online activity, companies and brands that promote their business through social media can no longer ignore their customers who come to their social media outlet, whatever it may be, with questions and comments, according to Social Media Today’s the third edition of the “Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service.”

Social Media Today just released a collection of 17 statistics to highlight the rise of social media as an outlet for customer service.

Americans spend an average of 37 minutes on social media, according to a Wall Street Journal  report even more time than they do on email and that tablet and smartphone use is up 50 percent from a year ago at 60 percent of all online traffic, according to  Comscore research. It’s also important to note the research showed 78 percent of Twitter and 81 percent of Facebook users that are active are mobile.

As well, 67 percent of users admit to going to a brand’s social media page and 33 percent of users would rather do this than contact the brand by telephone.

The statistics also note that 78 percent of 19 to 29-year-olds are not on their couches tweeting to a brand, but rather in stores at the time of using a brand’s social media outlets.  This is also reiterated by the fact that 14 percent of tweets sent to brands, are tweets detailing what problems customers are experiencing in-store.

Seeing that social media is one of the first places customers go for brand customer service, giving no response to a customer who is reaching out is one of the worst things a company can do.

Failure to respond can lead to a 15 percent decrease in the churn rate for existing customers. According to the statistics, this failure to reach back with customers led 66 percent of customers to a completely new brand in the past year.

With all this data, why wouldn’t a company manage their social media properly and gain more from 20-40 percent of customers who spend on a brand that engages with them?  Not forgetting to mention the 3 times more likelihood that customer recommending the brand to a friend.

At least 67 percent of companies do realize that social media customer service is the number one demanding short-term issue for their business, because it is only continuing to grow and evolve.

Hopefully more brands will catch on soon.

By Tricia Bogan



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