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2012 Capital Conference Wrap-Up


Thank you to all the sponsors and companies that made our 2012 Conference a huge success. This year’s event was our largest in our short three year history. Over 35 emerging companies in the fashion, apparel, branded goods and fashion-tech industries presented their opportunities to an audience of 300 investors and industry executives.  This event included a record number of sponsors who are listed on the home page.

Some of the highlights of this years event included:

  • Opening night opened with a stellar reception at LIM College where 150 participants converged for a night of festivities and great networking
  • Opening Keynote by John S. Taylor, head of research for the National Venture Capital Association where he addressed “The State of Venture Capital Investing in the Consumer Sector”.  He left the day with a sense of enthusiasm that fashion and fashion-tech is a sector to be followed by investors!
  •  Alma Derricks, Director of Deloitte Consulting, followed with a riveting presentation on the convergence of “Mobile/Social + Fashion = A Winning Strategy”
  • The audience was treated to educational panels during the day which took the audience through the full spectrum of investing in fashion and fashion-tech companies.  It began with “Investors with Impact-What Drives Investment to Your Company” featuring Lawrence Lenihan of FirstMark Capital, Danny Schultz of DFJ Gotham and Morty Singer of Traub.  We then explored “New Business Models that Win” and learned from game changing entrepreneurs including Gill Linton of Byronesque, Veeral Rathod of J. Hilburn Company, Chantel Waterbury of Chloe & Isabel, and Veronika Sonsev of Insparq.  The attendees then wrapped up the day learning “Effective Exit Strategies for Your Company” with Billie Busko and Michael O’Hara of Consensus Advisors, Hannah Sandrowski of Salus Capital and Legendary Designer Joseph Abboud.
  • Special highlights of the day included the presentation of the FashInvest Fashpreneur Award to Aslaug Magnustoddir, Co-Founder and CEO of Moda Operandi, who shared her company’s story of innovation and growth to a sold out lunch crowd.  We concluded the day with the presentation of the FashInvest Designer Award to Diane Gilman, known as the “Queen of Jeans” and the #1 fashion brand on HSN who shared her story of perseverance and conquest of the tele-retailing marketplace.
  •  Once again, “The Shark” Daymond John of ABC Shark Tank did a masterful job of moderating the feedback panels for our presenting company presentations!
  • Our day concluded with our beautiful Holiday Reception where it was announced that FashInvest would be heading to the west coast with a Spring Event!

Stay tuned as FashInvest continues to change the landscape for emerging fashpreneurs!


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