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Chinese Men, the Luxury Industry’s New Cash Cow

When beginning to tackle this post it was my original intention to discuss the spending habits of Chinese men and drop a few statistics and percentages from the past couple of years. However as I continued my research on the subject I was intrigued at how far many luxury brands are going to accommodate this new customer. I call Chinese …

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Sourcing Made Easy with These Three Sites

Sourcing can be one of the greatest challenges for a new designer. Finding a low-minimums manufacture, a sample maker that understands fast deadlines and small budgets and quality textile mills that will provide swatches that appear to have been hand woven by the finest of European ateliers, seems nearly impossible. However, a rise of online resources has begun to make …

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Showrooming Is Here to Stay, Here’s How to Deal

I need a new dining room table. I have been working on my MBA from my couch and various spaces of my living room floor for almost 2 years now and I am sick of it. I refuse to let guests use the extra space on the couch as their ad hoc dinner trays, and I have failed at offering …

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Is a Recession Good for Online Sales? If You’re Japan, Maybe So

While many retailers may dread a recession it appears that in Japan, it is almost welcomed by online retailers. Having been in a documented recession since the latter part of 2007, Japanese consumerism has dropped in almost all, but a few categories. With efforts to reduce entertainment expenditures such as dining out and theater visits, more and more locals have …

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