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App of the Week: FashionTap

In our App of the Week series, we take a look at the newest and coolest apps to see if they’re worth a try.    

Playing with a fashion app is a great way to find items you love, develop personal style and enjoy yourself. Getting paid to use a fashion app would make it even better, right? Our App of the Week, FashionTap, makes this possible.

FashionTap rewards users for interacting with the app, by paying them for the items they share, tagging the featured brands and emphasizing what makes it fashionable.

Fashionistas who need a quick way to make some extra cash will love FashionTap because it is fun, easy and fashion-centric. Simply tag photos with the featured brands, either by supplying a direct link or using an affiliate program, and get paid. FashionTap doesn’t take a cut of the commission, so the user gets to keep the entire payment.

In addition to getting paid, users can follow fashion bloggers, designers, models, photographers and fellow fashion lovers. The app is a great way to stay up-to-date on trends and be inspired by other people’s inventive looks.

Users can get creative with what they post, too. Like Instagram, FashionTap includes filters and a built-in camera to elevate users’ creative experiences.

Download the FashionTap App in the Apple App Store for free here. Android users will have access to the app on their devices in the near future. 

By Katie Alteri



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