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App of the Week: Stylebook App Aims to Perfect Your Wardrobe

In our App of the Week series, we take a look at the newest and coolest apps to see if they’re worth a try.

Low on time? Low on money? Building your wardrobe and choosing outfits may not always be easy, but the Stylebook app wants to help you out.

Stylebook  was founded by Jess Moore, a former Wall Street programmer and Bill Atkins an NYC guy who used to work for startups. The idea for the app was inspired by Moore’s experiences organizing and tracking clothes in the fashion closets of Modern Bride and Vogue as an intern and from her efforts to look stylish on a budget while working as the art assistant at Lucky magazine.Screenshot 2014-02-19 13.00.16

The basic idea behind the original version of Stylebook was to have one simple place where you can help develop your personal style. Now the app has grown to include over 90 features and there’s even a separate app for men.

The app can help you with all kinds of style dilemmas. You can mix and match what you own to create new outfits, compare new purchases to what you already have in your closet, plan outfits for different occasions and save style inspiration for the future.

If you want to wear a specific piece but don’t know what to wear with it, you have the ability to view every outfit you’ve worn that included that piece, since the app lets you download pictures of your own clothes. You can use the “Looks” feature to make a quick outfit collage if you’re running low on time and need an outfit idea fast.

The “Shopping” feature allows you to perform an advanced search for the perfect color, style and store you want to buy an item from. You can add these pieces to your virtual closet and see how it pairs up with other pieces. Then, you can e-mail yourself the link to buy the new item online.

The “Style Stats” feature lets you see what pieces you wear the most and the least so you can make smart choices about what to buy next and what to get rid of. Other features include the “Size Tracker” that saves your body measurements, the “Packing Lists” feature for trips you may be taking and the “Calendar” feature that saves your outfit history.

As a college student with a low budget, I think this app would be a great way to see what I’ve worn and how I look in new pieces. I am always looking for inspiration, so the “Inspiration Library” feature, where you can save photos that inspire you, would be extremely helpful to me and anyone they may be stuck in a style rut.

In a fast-paced world where everyone is looking to save time and energy, the Stylebook app is good tool for today’s on-the-go woman.

Stylebook is available for $3.99 in the Apple iTunes Store.

By Kristen Turner




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  1. I have used this app. I would rate this among the rocking apps for fashion lovers.

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