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Mobile payment meets fashion with Yapital

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Shopping through your phone has now become as common as browsing through a store and stores in Germany want to use this fact to their advantage. That’s why Collins, a Germany based open commerce platform, just partnered with Yapital, a cashless payment technology to integrate the company’s mobile checkout system into its e-commerce sites aboutyou.de, EDITD and SisterSurprise. Now all ...

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Crowdfunding Superstar of the Week: Mia Melon

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Mia Melon isn’t new to the crowdfunding scene. Their 2014 campaign that focused on developing their collection was the 4th most successful campaign in Canada for the year, and now they are focusing on their latest venture, men’s’ outerwear. This fall, if funded, Mia Melon will offer One Man outerwear. Which include two weatherproof coats with two additional stretch goal ...

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Where’s Wallet company introduces Mylo App

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We previously wrote about Mylo (formerly Mijlo), a company that created the Where’s Wallet, which helps prevent users from losing their valuables. Now, the company has a new name, and is introducing an app that helps men figure out what items their wardrobe is missing. The app, which is unrelated to the company’s previous venture, is exclusively for men and is meant ...

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Kwambio banks $650,000 for its 3-D printing marketplace


Kwambio, Inc., a Boston, MA-based 3-D printing marketplace, just raised $650,000 in seed funding. The investment came from Techstars Boston (the team at Kwambio are Techstars alum) and additional unnamed angels. Kwambio was Co-founded in 2014 by its CEO, Vlad Usov, and CTO, Dmitriy Krivoshey. With a pay-per-print revenue model Kwambio aims to make 3-D printing a simple and practical ...

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FashInvest is changing.  Starting August 1, 2015,  fashinvest.com will be moving to a paid user access site. Join FashInvest and become a member of the fastest growing sector of the fashion industry. Gain exclusive entry to the fashion tech industry’s latest investment news and analysis of the people and companies that drive its development.

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