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Want to win Black Friday? Look to September

Mobile shopping is bigger than ever — so big that in 2015, shopping apps accounted for $40.58 billion in sales. In order to attract the shoppers who will make those purchases, advertisers will spend heavily on user acquisition.

Liftoff, the Silicon Valley-based app that drives performance-driven mobile user acquisition, recently released a report providing surprising insight into behaviors and trends in the growing world of mobile shopping.

Based on an analysis of the strongest shopping apps, the report revealed how seasonality, differences among genders, and the likelihood of repeat purchase play into a mobile marketer’s strategy.

The year-long study, collected between June 2015 and July 2016, analyzed 4.6 billion impressions and over 1.9 million app-installs to find out these three facts that will be essential to a company’s mobile commerce the rest of this year.

1) The way to win Black Friday is to acquire your customers in September.

2) Only customers that make a purchase twice are worth the acquisition price.

3) Men and women cost the same to acquire, but women are more likely and quicker to make their first purchase.

If acquiring repeat users is the end goal, then this study will surely help retailers secure their customers ahead of the Black Friday madness.

By Briana Seftel




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