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BomBom Jewelry, A Line that Infuses Quality and Affordability, Launches Pop-up Shop in New York

 bombom Jewelry, a brand known for bringing elegantly designed quality jewelry at an affordable price, has just opened a pop-up shop at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC for the month of November.  bombom has headquarters in New York and Singapore.  The brand has just launched this year but they were already invited to join 40 boutiques, the Four Seasons Hotel, e-commerce sites, and fashion blogs.  They have sold and will be selling on sites such as Lionesquestyle.com, TrendSeeder.com, Kembrel.com, CasaTessa.com, and Stunable.com.  They’ve also met with customers face to face at themarketnyc and Super!Market.  Earlier in July and August, they have also opened pop-up shop in Sarasota’s Westfield mall.

bombom Jewelry was created out of the frustration that there is a lack of affordable high-quality jewelry in the market.  The market is inundated with expensive old-fashioned fine jewelry or overpriced low quality costume jewelry.  BomBom combines fashionable designs and quality together, along with an affordable price tag. The brand’s name echoes beating drums and that is meant to highlight its revolutionary nature.  All of their jewelry is handmade by artisans who specialize in crafting fine jewelry.  They handpick materials and use real gold, silver, precious, and semi-precious stones for their jewelry.  Their prices are also 5 to 10 times lower than other competing brands because they rule out the middleman and buy their materials straight from the source.

bombom Jewelry was launched in March 2012 by the mother and daughter duo, Maria Kozhevnikov and Valeria Kozhevnikov.  Maria, the mother, has travelled and lived in countries such as Nepal, Tibet, Malaysia, and Peru.  She started designing jewelry when she lived in Nepal and had access to the country’s natural resource of gemstones.  She designed bombom jewelry so that it reflects the different cultures and architectures that she has seen while travelling.  The daughter, Valeria, has a business background and graduated with MBA from Wharton.

 While she was inspired by her mom, Valeria created her own designs a long time before staring bombom jewelry, using materials she had from jewelry bought. For this brand, the mother daughter duo create every design together to fuse their different tastes and backgrounds. Valeria believes that jewelry should emphasize a woman’s beauty rather than outshine her.

By Luyao Li



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