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Brazilian Shoppers Get Instant Fashion Reviews

Facebook Enabled Hangers Display Garment Popularity Stats

Every risk taker and mild-mannered fashion enthusiast’s dreams have just come true in Brazil. Retailer C&A has begun a new marketing push to enthuse shoppers to buy clothing with the feedback of others. Electronic hangers are virtually linked to the retailer’s website and each time an item is up-voted on the e-commerce site, the hanger displays another “like”. Shoppers then consider the input and may opt for more or less popular items.

Crowd sourcing is proving a major trend in international retailing as the public’s feedback is more impactful than ever. Retailer Stussy ran a campaign last year that had a model remove a layer of winter clothing for each like received. Moreover, Maybelline has hired the face of YouTube parody “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” as the newest spokesperson for the well known cosmetics brand.

This idea will definitely help those who are constantly indecisive or those who are very self-conscious of what they wear. In the future this would be good use for retailers and designers to market emerging brands. This could also be used to rate editor picks for seasonal trends.

Thus far, the only negative feedback the service is receiving is the possibility for mix-ups between items on hangers. Another foreseeable concern is the cost and fragility of the hangers. Furthermore, customers may question the timeliness and truth behind the feedback, but overall, the new idea is an interesting marketing approach. While there is no real way to determine with certainty that the information is accurate, shoppers should trust their instinct and ultimately purchase the items that best suit their figure and lifestyle.

 By Natalia Ignaczak



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