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Capital Conference Company Update

UK paper The Sunday Times published its first ever list of global smart phone apps. The list of 500 was chosen out of 545,000 apps for the iPhone. Separated into categories, BeSpeak was named among the 20 apps selected in the Fashion & Beauty category. Additionally BeSpeak was 1 of 2 menswear applications chosen, (Valet Magazine was the other).

The BeSpeak app is really their proof-of-concept first generation technology. This men’s formal wear app has been live for well over a year and they have continued developing a web-based enterprise solution for fashion brands to improve cross-selling recommendations of clothing and accessories. The goal is to make the customer look great and to increase sales and customer loyalty in the process .

The system is was developed to emulate human designer aesthetic intuition that can be modified to better serve a brand.  Unlike other styling platforms, the app is not just a filter of customer preferences based solely on algorithms. Providing an actionable back end for brands, styling recommendations are crafted by a company’s own designers and stylists.

CEO Chris Bruck explains, “Today, sales recommendations never take into account what clothes and accessories actually look like, nor what the customer physically looks like, nor what clothes and accessories your customers already own. Bespeak makes these three dimensions actionable for cross-promotion, one by one, or in combination: we enable maximum context relevance for fashion sales. “

You can Download the BeSpeak app from the iTunes store here:


by Paul Fioravanti



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