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App of the Week: Fitt, new and improved

Fitt knows that friends who shop together, near or far, stay together. The app, originally launched in 2013, recently unveiled new components that will incorporate street style and outfit sharing. Fitt was originally created  to let friends easily share photos while shopping. The app gives shoppers the chance to share outfit pictures and information with one friend exclusively, instead of …

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App of the Week: Clothe to me

In our App of the Week series, we take a look at the newest and coolest apps to see if they’re worth a try.    It’s easy to buy a lot of clothing items, but sometimes it’s difficult to style them in new ways. Our App of the Week, Clothe to me, is perfect for indecisive individuals who are running out of new ways to wear …

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App of the Week: Fabric

In our App of the Week series, we take a look at the newest and coolest apps to see if they’re worth a try.   While Fabric may seem like just another fashion app encouraging users to make themed collections, the app offers a fresh take on fashion and social media. When it comes to social media, hashtags are one of the most prevalent ways for …

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App of the Week: FaceCake’s ShadeScout

Trying to find the exact shade of lipstick or foundation that matches your skin tone can seem nearly impossible. Instead of trying to guess on the right shade, FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc. has released a new makeup savvy app, ShadeScout. Using color search technology, ShadeScout will focus on finding the makeup tones users’ are searching for. The app also makes …

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