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App of the Week: Tie Your Scarves in New Ways with the Hèrmes Silk Knots App

In our App of the Week series, we take a look at the newest and coolest apps to see if they’re worth a try. Scarves aren’t just for throwing around your neck – with this Hèrmes app, you can discover how to tie knots in elegant and unconventional ways. The “Knots” feature shows you photos of all the different ways …

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Just Launched: Fitt, the First One-to-One Recommendation App

Have you ever thought of a friend while shopping or passing by a store window thinking, “they would love that?” Fitt is a new app that just launched today and it lets you recommend and discover products with your friends. This doesn’t sound like anything new, but the catch here is that you can recommend what you’ve seen while out …

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Meet Whisp, the App That Takes the Hassle Out of Shopping With Friends

We all value the opinions of our friends and family and I can bet most of us ask quite often.  How many times while shopping, have you been tinkering on the edge of buying an item or not and thought you could really use someone to steer you in one or another direction? Well, Moncef Zizi, Karoon Monfared, and Jassin …

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Polyvore has Made its Way Over to Android

Online fashion community, Polyvore, has just landed on Android, according to TechCrunch. The new Android app comes somewhat slowly after the release of the  iOS launch of the app. Since the iPad and iPhone launch 3 million of Polyvore’s community members have downloaded the app, Polyvore company executives say. With 20 million unique visitors per month, according to Polyvore executives, …

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