Monday , 1 September 2014
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An Inside Look at Tinker Tailor


It’s not often you get the chance to talk to a beautiful, intelligent, incredibly successful human being like Aslaug Magnusdottir, but we just did. The CEO of  Tinker Tailor, an e-commerce spot that allows customers personalize women’s luxury apparel from over 80 designers, let us into the inner workings of her career and her new company. Co-founded by Magnusdottir’s team ... Read More »

Sooo… What is Tmall?

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Tmall- you’ve probably heard this name being thrown around in conjunction with a certain Burberry online store opening in China, and as well, with its ties to e-commerce giant Alibaba, but you probably still have no idea what in the world it is. Well we’re here to fix that. We chatted with Janet Wang, a Tmall executive who joined ... Read More »

Old but Good News: Burberry is the First Upscale Brand to Join

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Alibaba’s marketplace has been seeing major growth recently, especially with its newest and first luxury brand addition, Burberry, having opened an online shop back in April. is China’s largest business-to-comsumer marketplace, with brands like Nike, Levi’s Sony, and more recently, ASOS, having joined the e-commerce platform that offers 24-hour service, free shipping and returns, and even gift wrapping. ... Read More »

Qubit Provides E-commerce Businesses with Real Time Consumer Data and Analytics

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Recently, digital experience management platform Qubit launched their latest digital intelligence applications which allows e-commerce businesses to respond to real time changes in customer behavior. With several offices in New York, Qubit is based in London, England,  and was designed to advance the  modern day e-commerce professional’s drive conversions, along with increasing customer satisfaction by collecting extensive data from real ... Read More »