Thursday , 2 April 2015
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Amazon launches second store on Tmall

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Tmall, the Alibaba Group platform companies utilize when trying to enter the Chinese consumer market, is launching Amazon China on their site this past Thursday. Amazon China currently features kitchenware, toys, imported food and women’s shoes, and is the second Amazon store to launch on Tmall. In November, Amazon China began selling Kindles on Tmall’s platform. Mo Daiging, an analyst for ...

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FashionValet walks away with Series A funding

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FashionValet, a Malaysia-based fashion e-commerce site, has just announced it has secured an undisclosed amount of Series A funding. The investment came from Elixir Capital. Founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Fadzarudin Anuar, FashionValet CEO and Vivy Yusof, FashionValet sells an array of western and Muslim clothing for women. In 2012 FashionValet received their first round of investment ...

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Ecomdash brings in $1.2M for its omnichannel software

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Ecomdash, a Charlotte, NC-based e-commerce software company,  just raised $1.2 million in funding. Investors that participated in the round include Gemini Southern and other unnamed angel investors. Under the direction of its CEO Nick Maglosky, Ecomdash is a web software application that allows e-commerce sellers to automate and integrate omnichannel retailers’ inventory, sales orders, product listings and shipping processes across ...

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With Higgle, the price is always right

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Online, bid-related shopping sites can certainly be stress-inducing. Whether the seller names a price you feel is too high, or you’re worried about trying to outbid a crowd of other customers, the process often doesn’t seem worth receiving the coveted item. Higgle, which went public in July, encourages users to band together to get an item for their desired price ...

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