Wednesday , 30 July 2014
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Staying Ahead of Competitive Pricing

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Competitive pricing is one of the key elements in a business’s continued success, and two companies have come together to optimize this as much as possible. 360pi and SAS, price intelligence and business analytics companies have decided to collaborate in creating a revenue optimization engine that will provide a feed of price intelligence so companies can stay current on competitive ... Read More »

ClickFox’s Data on Consumer Behavior Proves Problematic for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

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Figuring out the inner workings of consumer behavior is a never-ending task retailers, and, marketers alike, will never stop tackling.  ClickFox recently conducted their first “Consumer Behavior and Data Survey of 2014” to help brands figure out how their shopper actually think. The company reviewed 312 consumers about the change in consumer attitudes about in-store and online shopping from a ... Read More »

In-Store Technology Increases Consumer Satisfaction

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As a consumer, there’s no greater satisfaction than a positive shopping experience. With the use of technology, retailers have been working endlessly to improve the overall in-store experience, but he question remains- are they succeeding? A recent study conducted by MotorolaSolutions revealed that overall in-store satisfaction has grown 23 percent in the last six years. Meanwhile, satisfaction with the checkout ... Read More »

The Future of Retail: Adding Digital to the Consumer Experience

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In part five of our Future of Retail series we take a closer look at what the future of retail may look like in the years ahead When you’re shopping at your favorite store it’s about finding the perfect product, but also having a great time while you’re finding what you want. Currently brands and retailers are doing everything in ... Read More »