Monday , 22 December 2014
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How Retail Shop coop & spree is Surviving in a E-commerce World


Brooke Richman, 28, is incredibly smart. While everyone else her age is launching tech startups and e-commerce platforms, she still believes in the traditional retail experience. After chatting with Richman and her team we discovered she still believes in “high touch, emotion-driven shopping,” which is still at the core of the shopping experience and how women prefer to spend their ... Read More »

RetailMeNot Highlights the Influence Promotions have on Sales

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Who doesn’t love a great deal or coupon? RetailMeNot, a marketplace for digital offers, just conducted a Google Consumer survey to understand the effect that promotions have on consumers, as well as sales. The survey hits six major points of consumer decisions, the journey to the checkout cart, and what part promotions play along the way. It shows the impact ... Read More »

Survey reveals slow growth for online shopping

Obvious fact-online shopping offers you the convenience and accessibility that in-person shopping at malls or boutiques may not. Ordering items from all of your favorite stores, at any hour of the day seems like the ideal shopping experience, but according to a recent study by Geometry Global, online shopping isn’t seeing the growth that is expected. The study, titled “Connected ... Read More »

ANN INC. Expands into Mexico

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Well, hello Mexico! ANN INC. just announced today that it’s opening the first of its three planned LOFT stores in Mexico as part of an ANN Inc. expansion plan into the Latin markets. ANN INC. is working with its franchise partner Grupo Axo to establish its retail presence in Mexico. The new store is located in the Antea Lifestyle Center ... Read More »