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How to sell it: The data behind Fashion Month ’s top 5 streetstyle sellouts

Although Fashion Month is over, you can still learn a lot from the season looking at the data behind the trends that actually drove sales.

During Fashion Month, the analytics team at trusty global fashion intelligence site, Lyst, monitored real-time search and sales figures globally, looking for spikes in consumer interest.

And after analyzing four cities, 503 shows, 250,000 Instagram posts, the data shows that street style is king when it comes to driving sales.

Lyst found five trends in particular that sold the most during Fashion Month and are continuing to sell well past the season.


Looks like rose quartz isn’t going anywhere. The ubiquitous millennial color was spotted repeatedly during the month. Seen on influencers like Camille Charriere, Aylin Köenig and model, Liya Kebede, the rosy color had a 64 percent search and an increase and a 45 percent rise in sales. H&M’s knitted turtleneck jumper was the ultimate sellout with its pink punchy hue and on-trend shape.


As temperatures dropped, influencers like Shea Marie, Caroline Vreeland, Liz Uy and Candela Novembre broke out chic velvet pieces. Searches for velvet items went up 122 percent and there was an 80 percent increase in sales for those pieces. Misguided’s velvet dress proved to be the ultimate sell out for the trend.

Pierce Bags

J.W. Anderson’s Instagram-worthy bag was seen on just about every style star’s shoulder, from Susie Bubble to Bryan Boy. The chic leather style saw an increase of searches by 300 percent and an increase of sales by 76 percent. Time and again the medium-sized style of this handbag was favored by many fashion month goers. 

Backless Loafers

During fashion month shoes can reach astronomical heights, but this season style stars were keeping their feet on the ground. Tanya Jones, Carlotta Oddi and Natasha Goldenberg were all spotted wearing backless loafers, especially Gucci’s Princetown pair. This trend saw searches increase by 37 percent while sales jumped by 28 percent. 

Stepped Hem Jeans

In keeping with the more casual turn fashion has taken, perfectly hemmed jeans were not the norm this Fashion Month. Stepped hem jeans were seen all over the streets. It girls like Tiffany Hsu, Julia Sarr-Jamois, Gaia Repossi and Natasha Goldenberg rocked the asymmetrical, frayed style. Topshop’s straight leg pair dominated and the trend saw a 140 percent search increase and an of 105 percent uptick in sales.

By Haley Reid



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