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DKNY Launches First Smartwatch: DKNY MINUTE

On November 7, 2017, DKNY announced the launch of their first line of wearables, DKNY MINUTE, starting at $155. This smartwatch was designed with to include the latest hybrid smartwatch technology along with the typical style of a DKNY watch for a more modern looking wearable.

The face of DKNY’s Fall 2017 campaign, Emily Ratajkowski, defines what it means to be a woman in this modern age of technology. Her focus was to provide women with a watch that integrates both a fast-paced lifestyle along with a seamless design of a wearable.

The DKNY MINUTE includes the ability to sync your smartphone via Bluetooth, along with a dedicated smartwatch app. The features of the DKNY MINUTE include the following: smartphone notifications, activity tracking, ability to control music, picture taking capabilities, ring your phone availability, interchangeable watch straps, matching a time zone, setting up multiple time zones, sleep tracking, and never needing to charge due to the coin cell battery in the smartwatch,

Woman who are constantly on the go will find the DKNY MINUTE extremely functional and stylish as it comes in silver, gold and rose gold. The style of the smartwatches can come paired with black or white leather straps, or a red quilted strap, along with an interchangeable quilted pinstripe silicone strap that comes with every smartwatch. The DKNY MINUTE wearable can be purchased both online and in-store. 

By Rachel Tallis



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