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Dor's analytics tool allows retailers to predict consumer patterns and improve conversion.| Image courtesy: dor

Dor raises $3.8 million to scale foot traffic analytics system

Dor, a San Francisco-based, retail foot traffic technology, has raised $3.8 million in seed funding.

The investment came from Zetta Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures.

“Monitoring traffic at such low cost with no installation or maintenance allows retailers to understand their customers at a level never imagined,” Ash Fontana, managing director at Zetta Venture Partners, said in a statement. “This ease of use also opens up new markets, allowing customers to use Dor to optimize commercial building maintenance, measure space utilization and for security.”

Michael Brand and Gregg Golembeski launched Dor in May 2015 as a WiFi-free foot traffic tool that can track the number of customers coming in and out of retail spaces with the device’s use of thermal sensing technology coupled with machine learning algorithms and an and analytics dashboard.

The retail solution also incorporates real-time weather data to help retailers better understand external factors that affect store traffic.

“The data that comes out of the sensor looks like an audio stream,” Brand told Postscapes. “So we have to tell it that it’s a human vs. a gust of wind. We implemented a machine learning algorithm that was taught with known data.”

The new investment will be used to continue to scale the retail solution. 

By Leah Jackson



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