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Dyn Dives into Mobile Technology, Acquiring Trendslide App

dynWorldwide leader in Internet Infrastructure as a Service, Dyn, recently announced acquiring a mobile dashboard app startup for iOS devices, Trendslide. The mobile app was initially intended to be a sales/marketing tool, however, Dyn will transform it as a DevOps tool for its customers. As Dyn considers Native Push and SMS as their two messaging area, the acquisition will expand their services to include mobile data and analytics offerings for online businesses such as fashion retail and brands. Benjamin Petrin will join Dyn as a Lead Developer, Tools, with a focus on innovating mobile experiences for Dyn customers.

 Established in 2001, the New Hampshire startup powers Managed DNS, Traffic management, Email Delivery and Email Reporting for over four million enterprises, small businesses and personal users. With almost 20 data centers worldwide, Dyn’s commitment to customer relationships and engineering excellence shines every day. Dyn’s CTO, Cory von Wallenstein was the original investor of Trendslide and helped the company gain early traction and buzz. Dyn executives saw an opportunity to acquire Trendslide while an acquisition was still viable as Trendslide was poised to raise an additional funding round.

 “At the root of Dyn has always been our excellence in engineering,” said Kyle York, Dyn Chief Revenue Officer. “We are committed to creating tools that answer the questions of engineers and members of the DevOps community throughout the world. The acquisition of Trendslide is a big step toward that guarantee.”

 In late 2012, Dyn acquired Verelo, as well as hired Pete Cheslock, Director of Dev Tools, and Donald Layden, Project Manager, Tools, and promotion of Carl Levine to DevOps Evangelist. The new hires and taking up both companies shows that Dyn is not only committed to giving great internet performance, reliability and scalability, but wants to penetrate the DevOps community.

 Trendslide is an app that allows businesses to track their data directly from their phone, presenting a simple graph for a single purpose: to give them a pulse on whether their key metrics are trending up, staying flat, or trending down. The app’s success can be attributed to its strong advisory board of Richard Terry-Lloyd, VP of Emerging markets, Zuora; Eric Hansen, Founder & CEO of SiteSpect; Ryan Burke, VP, Sales of Moontoast; Evan York, Senior Product Manager of Newforma; and Josh Deslisle, VP, Worldwide Sales of Dyn. Dyn plans to integrate third party services like Gomez, New Relic, Thousand Eyes, Catchpoint, Ketnote, Nagios and more, along with historical DNS and Email data, into Trendslide.

 Dyn realized that businesses wanted its clients to have access to their realtime monitoring dashboards on other mobile devices. Trendslide’s mobile sales and marketing tools would help Dyn fill that position until investors pointed it out. Instead of building the capabilities themselves, acquiring Trendslide’s technology would be much faster.

 “This is a great home for the future of the Trendslide application,” said Ron Martin, CEO of Trendslide. “As we were looking to raise capital, it was the common option of any VCs that this service should stay close to Dyn and focus on Infrastructure not on marketing and sales analytics. It was good advice, so we decided this was the sensible move. We are happy with this outcome and excited to see the product carry on.”

By Pia Talwar



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