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Fame and Partners just launched a bespoke bridal collection and an app to match. | Image courtesy: Fame and Partners

Fame and Partners launches wedding app to help millennial brides and their bridesmaids

Housed in the terrace of the Gramercy Park Hotel, the recent debut of Fame and Partners ’ new bespoke bridal garments and bridesmaid dresses was an ethereal escape from the cold New York winter.

Decorated like the reception of your stylish friend’s wedding – we all know that one girl –  the ceiling was intertwined with ivy and string lights while bouquets of white hydrangeas and soft pink roses sat on the tables.

Racks of gowns, all dying to be touched, lined the walls of the lovely outdoor space.

“Fame Weddings,” a new app accessible through the brand’s website, allows for each dress style to be customizable on five different levels – size, height, hemline, color and overall design.

This finally provides a solution for those “I love the dress, but hate the sleeves” moments.

In addition, the app provides access to a personal stylist and the ability to easily connect with everyone in the party.

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Looks from Fame and Partners new bespoke bridal collection

The concept was built around promoting female liberation, starting with the design process. The line was inspired by strong, female revolutionaries throughout history and each gown was named after the female hero it was inspired by.

At a time when women’s rights are at the forefront of all of our minds, it is important to recognize and commend brands that promote female empowerment.

Fame and Partners takes it a step further by donating $5 of each sale to a women’s empowerment charity, according to their website.

After chatting with the brand’s CEO, Nyree Corby, she explained the initial idea for the line came when she noticed a huge spike in orders for white dresses with added trains – thus the idea clicked.

“What we realized is that women were coming to our website, naturally, because of the customization offering,” Nyree said. “Basically around 15 percent of our revenue by 2015 [was] coming out of bridal and bridesmaids.”

Not only are they revolutionary in the design stage, but also in the product development stages. The whole business model aims to disrupt the current mindset of the fashion industry by minimizing waste and putting the power in the hands of the consumer.

“We are the only company in the world doing contemporary quality womenswear manufactured on demand at scale,” Nyree said. “We are the only ones with that supply chain technology.”

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