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FashInvest Exclusive: Go Try It On Launches to “Push The Envelope of Tech and Fashion”

Interview with Founder Marissa Evans


How often do you ask for an opinion in a fitting room, looks for a review on a product, or read about the quality of an apparel brand? Go Try It On, a mobile app that originally launched in March 2010, has launched an updated and enhanced version to not only better the consumer shopping experience but create a stronger mobile community. The company has received both a Seed round and closed a Series A round about a year ago. The funding has helped to incorporate more commerce and data on the –platform that is now visible on the new update. Founder and CEO Marissa Evans gave some insight on Go Try It On’s goals, future, and recent launch.

Go Try It On gives users the ability to share their outfits and products through their smartphone and receive feedback from their friends and social network. Evans explained, “It’s really about having that conversation with your girlfriends about products you like, products you wish to get, or things you own.” The new app, she continues, “connects with people you trust whether its friends, fashion lovers, bloggers, or brands, by sharing photos of your outfits and products.” In other words, Go Try It On brings the Instagram aspect to shopping with real-time opinions on the outfits. The application is all about sharing your style with your friends and inspiring others fashion. “It’s capturing the New York side of style and wrapping it up with California Chic,” stated Evans.

Mobile commerce is booming. Evans explains that this day in time, we are “in a renaissance of technology and fashion – all the sudden you have smartphones and mobile devices to anyone who is a consumer.” Evans couldn’t have said it better. To those of you who are avid readers, startups are continuously being born and intertwining fashion, technology, and commerce. The hardest part is keeping up with the constantly updating marketplace. Evans wants Go Try It On to become a “mobile and social channel for style.”

After creating her first startup during her undergraduate career at Cornell, Evans went to business schooland afterwards worked for a digital advertisement agency. By working with mobile platform advertisements, Evans has been able to use her experience in the technology and commerce field and bring them to her successful company. Go Try It On is currently backed by Index Ventures and SPA Investments. Both companies invested to enhance the technology of the application.

With the new application, users can upgrade through the App Store and can now showcase their looks and share amongst their friends and communities. The app allows users to now “heart” the looks. Evans stated, “The initial concept was getting opinions from the crowd, whereas the new concept has more of a follower platform similar to Instagram.” The application is also actively promoted on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. Go Try It On is also allowing users to engage more in brand communities by being able to see products from different companies other than just outfits. Evans continued that she is hoping the new platform will be a positive change for the community and bring a lot of brands and bloggers to use the application.

“Consumers expectations are growing rapidly,” Evans stated. “We have access to stock prices and scoreboards instantly. I believe it means everyone needs to jump on the bandwagon.” Evans wants to grow the user base of her fashion filled company and have Go Try It On expand the world of “mobile style.” Evans vision is for “on-the-go mobile fashion content.” She concluded, “Why not be able to interact and share style, trends, and finds, while in line at Starbucks?”

By Samara Freschman




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