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FashInvest Profile:Recover in Style with CastMedic Designs Founder Christina Daves

                      Healing in a Fashionable Way

The worst thing about an injury is not only the pain or healing process, but the agony of wearing an ugly cast or boot! Have you ever wondered if it was possible to recover in style? What if you were able to wear items that complimented your wardrobe while healing? Thanks to CastMedic Designs, this is now possible!! CastMedic Designs was created to bring fashion to the medical industry by providing accessories to decorate unattractive medical devices.  CastMedic Designs comes in a wide selection and caters to everything, from casual to evening wear.

Christina Daves, Founder of CastMedic Designs
Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the innovator behind CastMedic Designs, founder Christina Daves.  Christina is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world as she has owned several businesses. Before beginning CastMedic Designs she was the owner of an upscale boutique for 8 years. On June 21st, FashInvest hosted its 2nd Annual Speed Dating Event. Prior to the event, a Twitter contest was held where our followers submitted a 140-character company pitch tweet. The winner of the contest would receive a free entry to the pitch session. After receiving endless number of tweets, our followers helped us narrow it down to two companies and after deliberation, Cast Medic Designs was named the winner!

The inspiration for CastMedic Designs came when Christina broke her foot. She received an ugly black boot to wear prior to her trip to New York City, the fashion capital of the world. With this in mine, Christina thought to herself, “I can’t go looking like this.” She began to research for something better, however, she could not find anything.  After conducting countless hours of research and attending different focus groups, Christina recognized the dire need for fashion in the medical industry.

So how does CastMedics Designs work? There are five different concepts: “Wear-it, Wrap-it, Strap-it, Sock-it and Click-it.” Wear-it: a ready-to-wear boot, Wrap-it: a fashion cuff that can be added to your boot, Strap-it: allows you to wrap a decorative strap or pin across the actual boot strap, Sock-it: a fashion-forward sock liner that can be used for the inside of the boot, Click-it: this is mostly used for children. Wrap decorative strap around boot strap and press firmly or attach your favorite pins! When asked about the consumer response thus far, Christina stated the following: “Everyone loves it! People are always saying that they wish they could break their foot to wear one!”

 Since CastMedic Designs was just launched in February of 2012, Christina is still working on different marketing strategies. Currently marketing is done through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

CastMedic Designs is currently self-funded. Christina stated: “The growth potential of CastMedic Designs has drawn the attention of many who are interested in investing; if the right investor were to come along I would be interested.”  When looking for an investor, Christina wants a partner, someone who is just as passionate about CastMedic Designs as she is. She also wants someone who will take their strengths along with hers to take the products to the next level.

When asked about future plans for CastMedic Designs Christina stated: “I hope to make CastMedic Designs a household name and continue to make consumers look and heal their best.”

By Lolita A. Alford



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