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Fox Rothshild’s Staci J. Riordan to Speak at FashionLaw Brazil as U.S. Representative

On November 30, 2012 the chair of Fox Rothschild LLP Staci J. Riordan, teaching legal matters on the fashion industry at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, is going to discuss legal aspects of the fashion industry at FashionLaw Brazil. Representing the United States, Riordan will cover topics that revolve around Fashion, Law as well as Business and current leading cases in fashion law.

In addition to that, the lawyer will also be participating in a panel “Fashion Law Around the World” to touch on topics and current issues such as protection of trademarks in the fashion industry. Three weeks ago, FashInvest reported the launch of the very first West Coast law program at Loyola Law School at which the alumni will be teaching students about the $ 200 billion apparel market in the United States beginning in January 2013. Fordham Law School in New York City is the counterpart and more and more law schools are recognizing the importance of creating a separate division for the fashion industry and its appropriate laws.

Riordan grew up in a fashion environment which helped her tremendously in understanding the industry and also lead her to her current roles as both the United States representative at FashionLaw and her position as a professor and lawyer.

By Melanie Marusic




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