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With Honour Create Stylish Sportswear with Active Cooling Technology

With Honour, a U.S. based product developer recently unveiled its new line of stylishly functional activewear for women and athletes who prefer a more modern, modest look.

The With Honour collection will be pre-selling their wide range of products through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. Items will be sold at a discount during a 30-day sale. The With Honour line consists of the self-cooling “SnapJab” and “Aurora hoodie.”

When noticing a gap in the marketplace for modest and fashionable active wear, the With Honour team went out and spoke with female athletes across five countries to learn more. These conversations resulted in the creation of With Honour.

The line was first designed as functional activewear, consisting of non-snag snaps, a comfortable fit, and build in active-cooking technology. The functional clothing was then made fashionable to add a sense of style. “We wanted to create a range of activewear – that is ideal for serious female athletes but can be worn by anyone,” Kamal Kalifa, founder of With Honour, said. “What you wear should never limit what you can achieve.”

By Rachel Tallis



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