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J. Hilburn Stitches Marketing Icon, Scott Bedbury, into Board of Directors

Custom Clothing Label Sees Rapid Growth 

As FashInvest reported here in June, J.Hilburn is the fastest growing custom men’s clothing brand in the US.  The men’s clothier prides itself on superior quality garments at off-the-rack prices. 2011 saw’s the company triple revenues from 2010,and with rapid success demands need for the right minds be involved for the future. J.Hilburn announced today the addition of Scott Bedbury to the firm’s Board of Directors. Referred to as “perhaps the greatest brand maven of our time”, Bedbury was the creative genius behind Nike’s iconic ‘Just Do It’ campaign, and Starbuck’s mid 90’s branding development. With more than thirty years experience in fashion marketing, Bedbury aims to maintain J. Hilburn’s momentum and propel the brand to a household name in the arena of luxury, men’s custom clothing. “In the competitive consumer landscape, it’s not often that you see a company with the promise and potential to become a global leader on multiple fronts”  said Bedbury.

With a network of more than 1,000 trusted personal Style Advisors across the country serving as style concierges for every customer, the innovative brand is “disrupting the entire retail industry by compressing its supply chain, delivering high quality custom fit clothing at mass scale.”  Since last year, the J.Hilburn active Style Advisor has increased to 160% from 47% and revenues have tripled with the average customer spending $600 up from $400. This past September’s launch of an online referral program yielded more than 10,000 prospective clients (of which 21% have already converted and on average spent $325 in their first purchase).

“When I first looked at J.Hilburn, I was impressed not just by the quality and innovation of the product and growth thus far, but by the unique J.Hilburn business model.  It blends direct sales and personalized service with the scalability and efficiencies of e-commerce. J.Hilburn is making luxury products more accessible, more customized and at the same time more affordable.  That’s a hat trick.  I’m excited to be part of something so bold. J.Hilburn is pushing the edges of luxury retail as we know it.”

Bedbury currently serves as the CEO of Brandstream, a global brand development company established in1998.

Hil Davis, co-founder and CEO of J.Hilburn says of Bedbury, “His role on the J.Hilburn board is an enormous asset to (the company) and a huge honor … Scott’s experience, insight and strategic counsel will without a doubt drive the current J.Hilburn momentum – and overall brand vision – to the next level of success.”

This sounds like a very exciting time for a brand seeing such success. Now that consumers are finally regaining their footing, they are more selective than ever. It is great to see that men are returning to a very formal and custom look as opposed to the rise of urban trend of the 90’s and early 00’s, but more than style, the fact that J.Hilburn is able to bring such quality to the masses is a huge opportunity for the consumer. Similar in concept to Trunk Club, J.Hilburn is helping men with a fail-proof approach. Where as Trunk Club sends monthly or quarterly trunks with predetermined outfits directly to users homes and offices, the convenience afforded by J.Hilburn brings in-home or in-office fittings leaving no excuse for ill-fitting blazers or poorly hemmed pants—and the price cannot be beat.

by Natalia Ignaczak



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