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Jeffrey R. Hennion is Appointed as Branding Brand’s President

After recently receiving $7.5 Million is Series A Funding, Branding Brand keeps coming with great news. The concept of the company is simple, to create a social and technology based channel for brands with Smartphones, tablets, and in-store experiences. Jeffrey R. Hennion was recently appointed as the company’s new President. Having served as many titled positions for General Nutrition Centers Inc. (GNC), he has previous experience in managing global companies and utilizing marketing functions to better company incentives.

Founded in 2008, Branding Brand is based out of Joey Rahimi, Christina Koshzow, and Chris Mason. Currently, the company is exploding with growth and has grown to having a portfolio of over 100 retail brands including Ralph Lauren and Sephora. With the hustle and bustle of success from the young startup, Hennion is excited to be joining an innovative team, he stated, It is a unique time given the pace of innovation in mobile commerce and cross-channel integration, and Branding Brand has rapidly emerged as the clear platform leader in this space.”

Hennion has a strong background in marketing . Before his numerous titles at GNC, with his latest being The Executive President, Chief Marketing Officer and E-commerce, he had various marketing, financial management, and leadership positions with Dick’s Sporting Goods. CEO of Branding Brand, Chris Mason, is excited to have his experience with the company, he commented, “Jeff’s client-side perspective, combined with his seasoned management experience, makes him uniquely qualified to help lead our business.”

Branding Brand received $7.5 Million in Series A Funding led by Insight Venture Partners.

By Samara Freschman



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