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Kanga Grabs $1M in Funding, Prepares to Open Mobile Application

Kanga has just announced a seed round of $1 million, led by Scott Miller of Payleap and Everett Steele of Baby Robot Industries.

Kanga is Atlanta’s first on-demand crowdsourced delivery platform that connects individuals, drivers and retailers for local shipment needs. Kanga is available through a mobile application and digital platform and connects drivers making local deliveries with retailers or individuals with shipping needs, to make home-delivery more convenient and cost-effective.

The startup has an upcoming launch in the Atlanta market and will relegate antiquated delivery systems to the past. Miller, co-founder and lead angel investor of Kanga, whose previous startup Payleap was acquired by Atlanta based Acculynk in 2012, said he is confident in the future of the company.

“As an entrepreneur and investor specializing in the payments industry, I know there is immense opportunity in connecting small businesses and online stores with their customers,” he said. “With this round, Kanga will be able to connect merchants with buyers in a seamless fashion, making the local delivery process easier and more efficient.”

The funding will be used to open its mobile application and delivery platform to consumers in late March 2014.

“Atlanta has a strong appetite for innovation and a passion for all things local, which makes it the perfect test market for our launch,” Steele, president and co-founder of Kanga, said. “Backed by demand, the retail world has been transformed by e-commerce and we believe the shipping and delivery industry will be the next frontier of collaborative consumption.”

By Lolita A. Alford



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