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Karen Harvey at last year's Fashion Tech Forum

Karen Harvey is back with round three of the Fashion Tech Forum

Fashion tech has reached a tipping point and what will become of it remains to be seen.

As the founder of the Fashion Tech Forum, Karen Harvey has long watched the fashion world’s interest in the sector and how shoppers are beginning to want more from the brands they interact with.

“We are once again at a critical juncture, though, driven by consumers who crave experiences over luxury and who long for a lifestyle in harmony with their ideals,” Harvey says. “How can our companies respond to these deeply held desires, and how should we be thinking about these global shifts in the future?”

To try and answer this question Harvey is bringing together some of the biggest names in fashion and tech for a conversation about where fashion tech is moving.

On Thursday, Oct. 13 at Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, NY, guests of the forum will hear from keynote speakers including Levi Strauss & Co. President and CEO, Chip Bergh, who will discuss the company’s transformation and commitment to sustainability and innovation with Editor-in-Chief of Wired, Scott Dadich.

They will also talk about the company’s partnership with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group to refine Levi’s “Commuter Trucker” jacket.

On the fashion side Diane von Furstenberg’s new chief creative officer, Jonathan Saunders, will be joined by the company’s CEO Paolo Riva to discuss the company’s modern evolution.

To add more tech to the lineup, Ganesh Srivats, vice president of North American Sales from Tesla will also share his thoughts on luxury retail experiences.

Srivatas was a former senior vice president at Burberry and Maia Wojcik, co-founder of the Fashion Tech Forum, says he very much understands how creativity and design can translate to the tech space.

“We’re seeing this trend of fashion and tech continuing to intersect and recruit each other’s talent,” she says. “It’s a perfect example of a technology company understanding the special je ne sais quoi that fashion industry leaders understand and that they’re able to create a certain feeling, certain retail experience [and] a certain brand desire.”

When asked about the lasting impact she hopes the Fashion Tech Forum will make on the fashion industry, Harvey says it’s more about helping create fashion’s future executives than anything else. These executives will understand the importance each side of the fashion tech industry plays in shaping the fashion industry, she says.

“There will be a time when Fashion Tech Forum won’t be needed anymore because these two sectors that are trying very hard to connect to one another won’t have to try hard anymore,” she says. “They would have figured out the right path forward.”

Interested in attending? You can get tickets here.

By Ashley Paintsil



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