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How Knix Wear is using intimate apparel to champion a powerful cause

On the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Knix Wear ’s FivebyFive campaign stands out.

Throughout the entire month of October companies, celebrites and people across the nation perform walks, marathons and wear pink to help raise awareness and funds for one of the most devastating diseases hitting homes around the globe.

And Joanna Griffiths, CEO and co-founder of Knix Wear, says it’s important for her company to be apart this since “Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a very important cause to our team and many of our customers.”

In the beginning of October, the Toronto based company launched five limited edition Evolution Bras, featuring its 8-in-1 strap design along with the removal of the underwire, aiming to bring to comfort to women who have had breast surgery.

“After we launched the Evolution Bra we heard from women that the bra is perfect for people who have had breast-related surgeries, such as mastectomies,” Griffiths says.

The bras were named after five breast cancer patients, who helped design the limited-edition bra.

Each of the bras has a specific word chosen by the five women, describing their individual journeys through cancer treatment.

The Anne Bra represents strength, the Lindsay Bra represents the power to transform, while the Judith Bra represents the gift of heart. The two other bras, the Anita and Munira represent victory and resilience.

“We hope to inspire more women across the world to share their journey [with ] five women, five words [and] five limited edition bras in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” Griffiths says.

In addition to the launch of the bras, Griffiths and her team also shared the unfiltered stories of each of the breast cancer patients.

And 50 percent of the sales from the bras designed for breast cancer patients will be donated to fund cancer research, education and prevention.

The team also plans on using proceeds from the campaign to help North York General Hospital’s BMO’s Breast Diagnostic Center purchase a new breast biopsy table.

By Kendal Parliament



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