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How a Lovestruck Moment created Flechada, the First Online Retailer for Latin American Clothing and Accessories

Latin American is known for many things, Great culture, great food, beautiful people, and now one of the best fashion scenes! Yes, a lot of people have heard of famous designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera but none of us know much about Latin tribal, vintage or one-of-a-kind designs, often times made by indigenous artisan communities. This lack of knowledge has finally come to an end as the “lovestruck” married couple James Stephenson and Sharon Singer founded flechada.com -the first premiere destination for Latin American Fashion.

With the mission to show the world what amazing things Latin America has to offer, the couple that met in Miami, decided to open an online store with the name Flechada, which means Lovestruck in Spanish. The online store was inspired by their own lovestory. On the company’s website, consumers can browse by different categories such as handmade, eco-friendly and look at products that range from swimwear, to bags to shoes and I personally love the idea of featuring undiscovered talent that delivers high-quality and unique products from places such as Argentina, Colombia and Guatemala. Flechada is a fantastic idea for those who care about giving back to the Latin American community by supporting them with a purchase, but it also is a great shopping destination for those customers who truly want something divine, handmade and unique at high-quality.

Flechada was founded in 2011 by James Stephenson and Sharon Singer as an online platform for Latin American goods and is based in Miami, Florida.

By Melanie Marusic



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