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Looks from DROMe's Pre-Fall '17 collection. | Image courtesy: DROMe

Meet Marianna Rosati, the music-loving creative director of DROMe

Here at FashInvest we have a penchant for discovering new talent and bringing them to light. One such talent is Marianna Rosati, the creative director of DROMe, an Italian brand that Rosati says she uses to express her love of music and travel. Rosati made waves last season with her debut Paris collection, and recently launched a standout Pre-Fall collection. We spoke with her about her inspiration, how she keeps her business running and what’s next for her brand. Read the conversation below.

FashInvest: Tell me about your background. Where did you go to design school and how long have you been designing for?

Marianna Rosati: I grew up in tiny village in the heart of Tuscany called Massarella, a place that I truly love and whose people I always keep in my heart and inspire my life. I love travelling and meeting new people!

I’m very interested especially in people which are far away from my working environment (fashion) and with whom I can share thoughts, feelings and visions. I love art and music, I can’t stay a day without music— it allows my imagination to travel.

I have two younger brothers and my family has always worked in fashion. My father Ferrero started from nothing and built his own company – he always had big ambitions and dreams. He is one of my greatest inspirations.

I studied in Polimoda in Florence and then worked for a brand called Santacroce. After that experience I started DROME.

FI: What made you want to become a designer?

MR: I’ve always loved clothes and I’ve always been attracted to images and beauty. When I was little I used to dress up my dolls and give them different styles, names, and modifying their haircuts or dresses.

Then I think I realized that was called “fashion.” I guess it was my way of finding different personalities of myself and transferring them to an external doll.

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Looks from Rosati’s Paris debut

FI: How long has DROMe been around?

MR: DROMe was born in late 2009, after my dad Ferrero and his associates decided to start a company called Factory from scratch. This is when it all started and I was given this incredible opportunity to build my own brand.

I will always be grateful to everybody that believed in me so much and continue to recognize my work. This is an amazing opportunity that every day I try to honor at my best.

To start DROMe I decided to base the concept on what I knew best — leather.

I thought that it is such a beautiful material that has not been used to its maximum, so I wanted to try to give it a different life and explore my vision through it using my knowledge and my imagination.

FI: What’s the meaning and significance behind the name DROMe?

MR: The name is mostly a sound that I love. It doesn’t have a precise meaning, but in the Scandinavian languages a ‘drome’ is associated to a dream.

I also learned gypsy singing while studying theater a few years ago that the nomad populations always used to sing during their travels and this continuous sound made of voices that they sing is called a “drom” (or so it sounds).

So they associate this word to a travel, a journey. That is how the name was born.

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DROMe Pre-Fall ’17

FI: Where do you generally get your inspiration from?

MR: Mostly people! I love observing the world around me and getting inspired by a woman talking, a man walking down the street or by a dancer madly dancing her piece.

I love dance and theater, so that energy that it creates is a great source of inspiration to me.

FI: Who are your current stockists?

MR: Luisa Via Roma in Florence, Selfridges in London, My Boon in Seoul, Reel in Shanghai, Tsum in Moscow, George and Lisa in Toronto, H Lorenzo in Los Angeles, amongst others.

FI: How did you initially fund your brand? Do you have an investor?

MR: DROMe is owned by Factory SRL so it is funded by the company.

FI: Do you have a business partner or do you handle the business side by yourself?

MR: Factory handles all the business, while I do the art direction. The collection is mostly distributed by RG Showroom in Milan led by Riccardo Grassi who has believed in our project since the very beginning.

FI: What’s in the future for DROMe?

MR: The future is very ambitious. We are about to open our first flagship store in Milan in Via Santo Spirito. We are also working on the accessories collection and to widen the borders of the brand.

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