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Mastercard Moves Toward the Future with New Augmented Reality Shopping Experience

Mastercard, a technology company in the global payments industry, has recently unveiled its augmented reality shopping experience which incorporates Masterpass and Identity Check Mobile, with iris authentication to allow for quick and protected payments. This new shopping experience was developed with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, and Osterhout Design Group to provide consumers with a customized and security-focused shopping experience.

This new augmented reality shopping experience will allow shoppers to see digital representations of products without having purchase them first. Consumers will also have insight of the product, see additional options not available in-store, and receive instant recommendations or other relevant information for their unique digital experience. Consumers have the option to pay for items using Masterpass, which will utilize Qualcomm Technologies’ iris authentication. To complete the purchase, the shopper will choose a card from their Masterpass-enabled wallet and select the Masterpass button on the screen. The items can be picked up at the store or shipped directly to the consumer, depending on the store’s availability.

 “At Mastercard, we are seeing major shifts in how commerce is conducted, as people lead increasingly connected, digital lifestyles,” Sherri Haymond, Executive Vice President of Digital Partnerships, Mastercard, said. “As the physical and digital worlds blend together, we are focused on developing solutions that provide merchants with the ability to accept payments across all technology platforms possible—in-store, in-app, online, and in AR and VR—to help drive how people will experience shopping and payments in the future.”

This augmented reality utilizes the digital payment service from Mastercard, and Identity Check Mobile, enabling shoppers to authenticate physical traits, such as fingerprint, facial and voice recognition. With ODG’s collaboration, this augmented reality utilizes their award winning extra-wide-field-of-view R-9 smartglasses with enhanced iris tracking cameras. The iris authentication also utilizes the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform, which runs the Snapdragon XR SDK and iris authentication technology.

“ODG is delighted to work with Mastercard and Qualcomm Technologies, fellow leaders in their respective fields, to offer a look into the future of shopping and purchasing habits,” Ralph Osterhout, Founder and CEO of ODG, said. “This solution showcases the transformative nature of augmented reality in the retail space and highlights the power and performance of ODG smartglasses and the unparalleled potential for headworn AR to change the way we see and experience the world.”

“Qualcomm Technologies’ iris authentication and extended reality technologies for Snapdragon 835 are designed to support a future generation of contextually aware commerce experiences using secure, augmented reality,” Neeraj Bhatia, Director, Product Management of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, said. “We are delighted to work with Mastercard and SAKS Fifth Avenue to showcase new AR experiences on ODG’s sleek smart glassed based on our Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform. Our commitment to innovation has the potential to deliver more personalized in-store experiences in the future.”

By Rachel Tallis



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