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The New Stand location at Brookfiled Place. | Image: Screenshot courtesy of the New Stand.

The New Stand is becoming an NYC transit staple

The New Stand is subtly working towards becoming a NYC transit staple.

The commuter convenient store and app has just become available city-wide with the launch of 20 new boats that will be incorporated into the NYC Ferry System. As of now, six of the boats have been equipped with the New Stand. By July, 16 of the 20 boats will have the New Stand on them.

“They are helping us get much more hip,” Paul Lambson, head of customer success at NYC Ferry, told WWD.  “We were looking to do something cool to do with concessions and New Stand was a perfect fit.”

Since the launch of  New Stand in 2015, the store has opened several locations in the New York City subway system.  The company has also collaborated with various brands, most notably, its recent release of Urban Decay’s Basquiat Collection. The convince store offers customers more than just the run of the mill items.

This includes anything to chapstick and chips to books and beauty products.  All of their retail locations also work with the free New Stand mobile app to do functional things — allowing people to purchase things through the app, redeem deals, read articles and listen to curated playlists.

They have also started a loyalty program through the app that has doubled the apps engagement, according to Andrew Deitchman, co-founder of the New Stand, it has doubled the apps engagement.

The New Stand will also be opening new locations within the Los Angeles and Minneapolis-Saint Paul airports. Though they aren’t any immediate plans to expand within any other retailers, Deitchman told WWD the app could serve as a connector and discovery tool for mall goers.

“Our app can notify customers where to go for certain deals or connect them with new product,”Deitchman said. “We see ourselves as being kind of the straw that stirs the drink.”

By Theresa Meriam





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