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This year's New York Fashion Tech Lab class will be in residence at Spring Place. | Image courtesy: Spring Place

New York Fashion Tech Lab announces incoming 2017 class

Now in its fourth year, the New York Fashion Tech Lab has announced the nine startups for this year’s program who will work out of Spring Place in New York City.

This year’s class includes Awear, Econtenta, Findmine, Markable, Point 93, Obsess, Camera IQ, Snap Fashion and Zeekit.

Co-founded by the Partnership Fund for New York City, Springboard Enterprises and fashion retailers including Macy’s and J.Crew, the program aims to support women-led companies that have developed innovations in the areas of fashion, retail and technology.

“We offer a tremendous value to the fashion industry through the unique, collaborative environment we create between the innovators and iconic retail and fashion brands fostering iteration, validation and acceleration of technologies to advance the industry,” Kay Koplovitz, co-founder of the Lab and chairman of Springboard Enterprises, said in a statement.

The program spans over a 12-week period and involves a working collaboration between the Lab’s companies and fashion retailers, brands and industry experts. NYFT Lab founding members that will be returning to work with this year’s class are J. Crew and Macy’s, as well as Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s and Time Inc. This year’s new sponsors include Matches Fashion and Vera Bradley.

The NYFT Lab will conclude on June 14 for Demo Day, when the selected companies present what they have been working on during the program. It will take place at Time Inc.’s New York City headquarters.

Here is an overview of this year’s selected startups.


Awear has created a smart tagging technology that enables companies to discover, engage and learn from consumers. The program incentivizes users to wear a brand so labels can gain post-sale usage and feedback on specific products. Any brand or retailer can apply for Awear’s product by filling out a form on its website.



Econtenta is a personalized online marketing service that conducts an analyses of internet users to determine what each person would like to watch, listen to, read and buy. The platform utilizes existing content from company websites and public data to create algorithms that tailor content and its design specifically for each user.



Findmine is service technology that helps consumers answer the question “how or what do I wear with this” after a purchase is made. A company’s catalogue is uploaded to the platform where they have the option to create their own looks, or allow Findmine stylists to put together outfits with their merchandise that stay true to the brand. This complete the look capability also helps retailers to retain customers and increase sales up to 6% for their brands.



Markable has designed image recognition technology that allows for visual search on digital content from any platform to make See Now, Shop Now possible. Users can click or hover over a photo or video with clothing and the search technology will generate both exact and similar style products.


Point 93

Point 93 leverages dynamic, equitable pricing to enable a conversation between retailers and their customers. The dialogue helps eliminate the need for sales and deep discounts, captures customer data that was previously un-knowable, and revolutionizes how we buy and price.



Obsess is a virtual reality platform aimed at replacing the traditional ecommerce shopping to create a more immersive shopping experience. Brands and retailers will be able to reinvent their customer experience using Obsess to create virtual stores.


Camera IQ

Camera IQ is a camera technology platform that empowers marketers to utilize mobile cameras and AR technology to generate more meaningful content. The platform provides brands the tools to create and manage their own augmented experiences in real time, while delivering actionable analytics to optimize results that can be replicated.


Snap Fashion

Snap Fashion is a visual search reality tool to enhance the discovery and shopping experience by working with retailers, social media providers and publishers. Users snap a picture of an item they wish to purchase and Snap Fashion generates exact and similar items.



Zeekit is a platform that enables shoppers to virtually see themselves in new outfits they find while shopping online. The goal is to eliminate the guessing out of the apparel shopping to make it a more personal experience by providing size recommendations and allowing users to share the looks with friends for feedback.


By Emily Miller 




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