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The happy companies sharing a moment at the end of Demo Day.

The New York Fashion Tech Lab’s Demo Day was awesome

Last Thursday, the New York Fashion Tech Lab held its demo day at Time Inc building. For it’s third  consecutive year, the NYFTL has nurtured fashion tech companies by partnering them with influential retailers (Macy’s has been a top partner).

This years’ startups include FashInvest alum Fittery, Smartzer, elemoon, Claire, Closet Collective, SIREN, Thursday Finest and Genostyle.

For those unfamiliar with the program, the New York Fashion Tech Lab functions as a 12-week program from March to June. Through a competitive process where the lab’s fashion and retail partners, advisors, Springboard Enterprises and the lab’s team members review every submission, they select six to 10 startups to enter the program.

At the conclusion of the program, each of the fashion tech companies present at a Demo Day, where fashion retail executives, investors, press and other members of the fashion tech community attend to see what the startups have been working on.

Here’s an overview of what each startup presented at Demo Day (FYI: these guys are poised for retail greatness) —




Fittery is a solution to one of the biggest problems in online apparel shopping how to find your perfect fit without trying anything on.  Fittery solves the problem holistically by matching people to the clothing that fits them best across a wide selection of brands via their marketplace and B2B tools. They also provide unique data to retailers to give them insight into fit that they’ve never had before to improve product development for single brands and improve inventory acquisition strategy for multi-brand retailers.




Smartzer has created a video player that allows consumers to click on items within a video to make purchases or sign up for notifications. There is also an extensive analytics component providing valuable demand-prediction analytics, and a deep understanding of how consumers interact with video content. Brands benefit from the ability to use videos to generate measurable sales, build on customer preference data and being able to use the analytics on how consumers interact with videos to shape future video strategies.




elemoon is the world’s first smart jewelry that does more than health and fitness tracking. It’s a customizable wearable tech platform targeting women and teens. It packs powerful software, hardware and service in beautiful devices. It marries a $70B wearable business with a $260B jewelry market.




Claire is an A/B testing platform for fashion products and price points. The platform provides clarity on what brands and retailers should sell next, and how much they should charge for it. With Claire fashion companies minimize inventory risk, maximize revenue and profit and build stronger relationships with their consumers.


Closet Collective


Closet Collective is modernizing the way women access designer fashion. Through the combination of technology and advanced logistics, women can finally have their dream closet by renting from any woman across the country. By creating a platform where women can rent their items, they are able to monetize their investments in fashion in a whole new way.




SIREN has created a powerful new category of protective accessories for women, discreetly equipped with a directional 114+ dB alarm that activates instantly during an emergency. Siren’s patented modular technology offers consumers an effective, appealing and universal resource for effortless wearable security.


Thursday Finest


Thursday Finest is a vertically integrated on-demand knitwear brand. The Made in Brooklyn brand produces accessories in custom styles, colors and sizes.




Genostyle is a New York-based creative fashion-styling analytics company that provides data-driven solutions to optimize e-commerce. With the application of algorithms, the team at Genostyle collects insights into brands, designers and customer fashion styles.

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