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Posh Dressing Room is a one-on-one mobile styling experience. | Image screenshot: Poshmark

Poshmark launches latest mobile feature ‘Posh Dressing Room’

In a play for continued growth, Poshmark has launched, Posh Dressing Room, a new marketplace feature, which gives shoppers access to personal styling services from their mobile devices.

The Posh Dressing Room lets shoppers connect with “Seller Stylists,” that plan outfits for them. Once connected, the Seller Stylist shares a bundled, personalized look with the shopper that fits their style. The stylists also have the ability to share their latest merchandise up for sale through their Poshmark shops. 

The idea behind the creation of the Posh Dressing Room feature, is to help Poshmark’s sellers  match buyers to the right inventory based on the shopper’s sense of style, and in turn, allow sellers to grow their businesses.

Manish Chandra, CEO and founder of Poshmark, said the need for the online one-on-one styling experience stems from physical retail stores declining, personal shopping experiences disappearing and online retail at an all-time high.

“Since inception, Poshmark has continued to launch new services, from payment protection to shipping to product verification to a new wholesale channel, that simplify selling, shopping and styling for our fast-growing community,”  Chandra said in a release. “The Posh Dressing Room is our next major innovation that will make it even easier for our Seller Stylists to service their shoppers.”

By Kendal Parliament



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