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Phonetic Eyewear Protects Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain Fashionably

It seems like the whole world uses a smartphone, computer, tablet or some other digital device on a regular basis. After being on these devices for hours, its possible to develop a condition known as Digital Eye Strain.

Digital eyestrain is now a common problem and and vision problems are reported in 70 to 75 percent of computer workers, according to the American Optometric Association. Headaches, eye pain, redness, watering, double vision and loss of focus are all associated with digital eyestrain.

Since the Internet and our smart devices aren’t going anywhere and neither are our eyes, there clearly has to be a solution to this problem and new eye wear company Phonetic Eyewear , thinks they have a handle on it.

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Image Courtesy of Phonetic Eyewear

Phonetic has just launched a new line of eyewear designed to take away some  harmful amounts of blue and violet light that comes from these digital devices.

There are glasses available that have yellow amber lenses, that absorb the harmful rays transmitted when a person has a smartphone or computer screen glowing in their face, but these glasses aren’t fashionable or as efficient.  Phonetic Eyewear, bridges the gap between fashion and eye protection by which deflects these rays while remaining stylish.

The eye wear line is only available online right now, but is moving to major retailers soon. They are offered in a variety of styles and colors that will keep a person looking chic while protecting their eyes. With the amount of technology used today, whether for business or pleasure, these might just be what people need to start combating the damage our computer screens and smart devices are doing to our eyes.

By Tricia Bogan




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