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QVC Founder Launches HairRX for Customized Hair Care Formulas

On October 17, 2017, Joe Segel, QVC founder and ProfilePro Co-CEO, announced the launch of HairRx Advanced Hair Care, a product line customized to fit the different needs and shopping preferences for women ages 30 and up. This launch comes just a few months after the introduction of the Millennial-focused product, Cloud 10 Customized Hair Care.

“Women in their thirties, forties and beyond seek customized beauty solutions,” Segel said. “They have different hair care challenges and goals than their Millennial counterparts. HairRx provides the ultimate customization experience that instantly matches each hair profile to the ideal shampoo and conditioner formulas, including scent and lather preferences.”

“While research shows that customization in the beauty sector is desired by all generations, women in their thirties have different shopping habits than Millennials,” Ellen Langas, ProfilePro Co-CEO, said. “With the addition of HairRx Advanced Hair Care, we are now offering customized hair care solutions for all ages and needs.”

HairRx provides customers with the ability to customize their shampoos and conditioners to fit their needs. To do so, customers answer a few questions online to determine their key hair care goals, such desired lather type and preferred scent, including citrus, lavender and vanilla. Once the questions are answered, customers received an individualized profile that matches with shampoos and conditions from an inventory of 165 formulas. In addition, HairRx provides a wide selection of styling and finishing formulas. HairRx customers are able to choose from eight different HairRx Home Hair Salon sets, consisting of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. HairRx will be available on QVC.com towards the end of 2017.

By Rachel Tallis



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