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Yael Aflalo's Reformation is your go to for cool-girl eco-friendly clothes. | Image screenshot: Reformation

Reformation launches denim range, leads Los Angeles manufacturing charge

There’s something in the water over in Los Angeles, and Yael Aflalo doesn’t mind drinking it. The CEO and founder of  cult-favorite, sustainable fast-fashion brand, Reformation, has just launched a denim line on the heels of the brand’s 2015, $15 million investment

Aflalo counts Stripes Group, 14W, Andrew Rosen, Miroslava Duma and Karlie Kloss as backers of her brand.

And she’s following in the footsteps of some other major brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Rachel Zoe, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford, who are dipping their toes in the pool of manufacturing and marketing opportunities in Los Angeles.

In a place that is ironically known for its high air pollution, Aflalo has built what she calls a ‘sustainable fast-fashion brand,’ and tracks the environmental impact of each garments the brand produces.

“We have our own factory where we focus on ensuring that we’re abiding by a code of ethics, but we’re also fast fashion,” Aflalo said in a Fast Company report.

Instead of pushing out new styles and hoping her customer base will buy them, Aflalo and her team release limited-edition collections and watch for what sells the best. When they notice what people are buying the most, they remanufacture those pieces in their downtown Los Angeles factory.

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Looks from Reformation’s new denim line

This vertically-integrated process takes into account data from their shoppers and a good ‘ol good eye for what they know their shoppers will like.

Aflalo also sources vintage garments and sustainable fabrics and incorporates green practices throughout the brand’s supply chain to make contemporary clothes at “a fraction of the environmental impact generated by most fashion brands,” according to a statement on Reformation ’s Crunchbase profile.

“Instead of doing a giant advertising campaign to convince people to buy a red dress because you have a million units of it that you purchased a year ago, we just make what people are already buying right now,” Aflalo said in the Fast Company report.

And she’s sticking to her brand ethos with this new denim line.

Fans and newbies of the brand alike, can shop from a selection of 90s-inspired jeans, denim jackets and denim skirts that are ever-so popular right now, amongst millennials in particular.

“To me, fast fashion is about paying attention to what people want and making that right away,” she said. “It’s that simple.”

By Ashley Paintsil 



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