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Sheng Li Digital Helps Brands Reach a Chinese Demographic

Sheng Li Digital, Chinese online marketing agency, is being recognized for their aid in allowing business to become successful in the Chinese market. This recognition also helps them to expand in the New York region, company executives say.

Sheng Li Digital offers different services and technology to North American brands interested in targeting Chinese customers and  are the first agency of this sort to be approved into the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program located in New York City.

Co-Founder of Sheng Li Digital Chris Breikss said, in only a couple of years from now, the Chinese advertising market will be flooded, so it’s important for businesses to connect with their target audience and grab market share before the competition does.

“Sheng Li bridges the gap between East and West like no one else can,” he says. “There are over 1 billion people in China, and we’re geared towards companies who want to be the early movers in this market, tapping into a huge audience others don’t know about.

Sheng Li’s clientele includes luxury automobile dealerships, high-end real estate developments, and an elite fashion school.

Sheng Li has started to provide Chinese marketing services in certain platforms like Chinese YouTube- Youku, Chinese WhatsApp- WeChat, Chinese search engine- Baidu, and Chinese Twitter- Weibo. New ad technology is also being built in order to let advertisers targeting Chinese speakers to better reach that demographic in a more cost-efficient way.

Sheng Li’s Lead Project Manager Amy Bao said, Manhattan’s Chinatown is the largest in the Western Hemisphere with nearly 700,000 Chinese people in New York, waiting to be spoken to fluently by North American brands.

“We see great potential here – we estimate that 99 percent of North American brands are unaware of how to correctly market to a Chinese speaking demographic,” she said.

Since Sheng Li Digital is a Chinese company working in New York, they are able to combine both demographics to help companies be successful in reaching the Chinese target market. The Canadian Technology Accelerator Program based in New York City will play a large role in the success of this online marketing agency.

By Rachel Tallis



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