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Skinjay is the health and beauty product you may be curious to try. | Image courtesy: Forevergreen

Skinjay raises $3.78 million to expand health and beauty shower product

Skinjay, Paris-based health and beauty brand that produces shower micro-nebulization products, has raised €3.5 million ($3.78 million at current exchange) in venture funding.

The investment came from Seventure Partners, a Europe-based VC firm.

Nicolas Pasquier founded Skinjay in 2012 to develop in-shower capsule products that when met with vapor, deliver essential oils,  onto the skin and into the lungs.  An added benefit of using the capsules is the medical benefit of strengthening the immune system, according to SJ executives. 

Since the essential oils vaporize with warm water, while the user is in shower “they are also complementing their skin and respiratory tract microbiomes,” Skinjay executives said.  

The company will use the new investment to expand into international markets and support its R&D efforts, which will focus primarily  research within respiratory microbiome realm.

“For 30 years, innovation in the home was confined to the kitchen and living room,” Nicolas Pasquier, founder of Skinjay, told L’Usine Nouvelle. “In our view, the bathroom will become the center of the health and well-being.” 

By Emily Miller 



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