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StartingAClothingline.com Introduces its first Fashion App

Starting-a-clothing-line---homepageThe website, Startingaclothingline.com, opened a world of new opportunities for ambitious, up and coming fashion designers in 2004. It provides resources such spec and line sheet templates, design software, lists of factories, and the steps on how to start the process of starting an apparel brand. It was founded in the United States and has spread across 60 countries across the globe. With the success of the site, the innovative site named its introduction of a free mobile app, The Fashion StartUp App. The app has many of the same helpful features as the site with additional perks such as a sketch gallery. This is a perfect way to capture spur of the moment inspiration in a fast, paperless way. Once the idea is recorded, it is saved to your own folders for future use. Also, The Fashion StartUp has news feed streaming the latest news articles and videos to keep its users updated on all thing fashion such as important facts and trends.

This app has the ability to change the entire fashion industry. By being provided the appropriate direction, designers will now be able to show off their talent when before they lacked resources. The world will now be able to see new and innovative pieces compared to the same designs by the same companies that are already established and prosperous. In addition, this opens up the opportunity for these app users to join those same established companies. According to iSeek.org, about 30% of fashion designers are self-employed. This is mostly due to the lack of exposure of their product. With both Startaclothingline.com and the Fashion StartUp app, renowned designers and corporations could possibly hop on board in order to search for their next best employee through these sources.

The allure of this app is its simplicity. Anyone who has an imaginative side can work it.  Whether you have been developing your design skills for years, you are fresh out of a fashion university, or you have a sudden urge to create something wonderful, The Fashion StartUp will be your biggest support system. This is a step-by-step guide aimed to lead you to success on many levels. Also, this is not limited to Apple users only. It is available, for free to download in Google Play and Android devices.  In my opinion, this app teaches you more than any supply chain textbook would with a touch of a screen.

By Emily McMonagle



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