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Style for Hire Launches to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Co-Founder Stacy London’s “What Not To Wear” Ethics are at Your Fingertips

The first impression: a first glance, a scanning of an outfit, and an opinion is formed. Stacy London, celebrity stylist and co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear, is all about making that first impression matter. Whether you’ve just had a baby, are interviewing for a new job, going on a first date, or even need a small change, what’s in your closet and how you approach making an impression impacts everyone in their day-to-day activities. To those who a new wardrobe, an outfit for an event, or a simple revamp, Style for Hire will curate, handpick, and style you the best solution.

For many, the idea of a stylist is a celebrity service. What regular person has time, money, or connections for a great personal stylist or shopper? Stacy London’s newest venture, Style for Hire, allows the normal everyday person to hire a focused and dedicated stylist to refurbish their wardrobe for events, outings, and the day-to-day. Co-founded by London and Cindy McLaughlin, the New York startup has created a network of personal stylists from major cities all over the country. The company test ran in Washington D.C. with 11 stylists in September 2010, and since then has formed a stylist community of 135 dedicated fashionistas in 24 U.S. cities.

These stylists aren’t just your fashion loving shopaholics; they have been handpicked by Style for Hires team to help women of all shapes, ages, and sizes to focus on adapting to new styles within their personal budget. The site, styleforhire.com, allows users to sign up and search for stylists according to style, location, and service. The stylists then offer personal shopping, “closet shopping”, and closet audits all for anywhere from $65 to $300 an hour.

Both McLaughlin and London came together with the common reasoning that every average person should be able to gain the same fashion knowledge and service that celebrities receive. After McClaughlin prepared to re-enter the workforce post the birth of her children, long time friend, London, came to the rescue to work her fashion magic on the new mother. Together the duo has impeccable resumes of experience, McCaughlin being an MBA with vast business experience, and London’s style expertise.  London believes that “Style is teachable,” and approaches each client by first examining their body type, taste, and lifestyle.

Style for Hire isn’t stopping with their recent launch, the company plans on expanding throughout the country and having a total of 400 stylists in their expert network by the end of 2012. McLaughlin stated, “Learning how to dress yourself is not something that’s taught anymore… knowing what fit is, knowing what colors are flattering – it’s a lost art for many people.”  Looking in a jam packed closet and having the catastrophe of “nothing to wear” is a common problem. Expanding the opportunity of the “luxury” of fashion styling to those with all types of budgets can help to resolve such a conundrum while improving wardrobes at the same time.

by Samara Freschman 



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