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Crowdfunding Superstar of the Week: Moodmetric

In our Crowdfunding Superstar of the Week series, we cover the crowdfunding campaigns that are worth taking a closer look at. Like Ringly, Moodmetric is a fashionable ring that also doubles as a wearable. Although they are both in the fashion tech space, the creators behind Moodmetric are setting the wearable apart as it is the first ring wearable that focuses on …

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Crowdfunding Superstar of the Week: Whistl

Our crowdfunding superstar of the week, the Whistl phone case, is meant to protect more than your phone, and it’s also a tool to protect you from sexual assault and other crimes. Although some anti-crime apps exist, they require logging in or having the app open, which isn’t convenient if you’re about to get attacked. With Whistl, the case has …

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A New App for Fashion Lovers, CrowdStar Launches COVET

Covet is a new game for iPhone and iPad users that lets you create outfits using avatars. The avatars are dressed up in clothing you put on them from real life designer brands. All the clothing used is from the current season so you can see how the outfits would look on virtually before ever buying them! Some of the …

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Millennials and Mobile Phones: Are Luxury Brands Using this Strategy?

What percentage of your time do you believe you spend on your mobile phone each week? While I already know I spend considerable hours on my iPhone, according to the latest study, I spend about 14% more time than the rest of the population. The Millennials, the group born approximately from the 1980’s to 2000’s (currently 18-34) are one of …

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