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Valentino Haute Couture SS17. | Image screenshot: Valentino

Valentino partners with Yoox Net-a-Porter Group on ‘Next Era’ omnichannel interface

Valentino is creating its largest store in the world set to open in 2018, and surprisingly enough it will not be at a physical location.

Valentino has partnered with Yoox Net-a-Porter Group to create an omnichannel interface for all of its merchandise. This multi-channel business approach, called Next Era, aims to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, WWD reports.

“Imagine the biggest Valentino store in the world period,” Stefano Sassi, Valentino’s CEO told WWD. “The one that represents the most creative efforts made on the collection. Customers will understand that online, they will see everything and we will aim the site in this direction.”

As its name suggests, Next Era will provide customers with information that Valentino previously never made public.  Customers will be able to access all of the company’s inventory at all of its boutiques and all eight of YNAP’s international distribution centers, detailed product information, smoother checkout and faster deliveries.

The focus of the system is more on the quality than the speed of the service. The integrated inventory system enables customers to see what is available online as well as in stores at any location where ever they are. Making their shopping experience more convenient and streamlined.

According to Federico Marchetti, CEO at YNAP, in that time the company has been ahead of many luxury brands and Next Era is the next step.

“You will never go in a store and not find what you are looking for,” Marchetti said.

By Theresa Meriam



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