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Why Shoppable’s new Google Chrome extension is its biggest accomplishment yet

Universal shopping carts are popping up all over the place, but there’s one in particular that’s caught the attention of the fashion world and Heather Marie, CEO of Shoppable is the mastermind behind it.

Marie and co. have just announced that Shoppable now has a Universal Cart Google Chrome extension. Say hello to “Shoppable: The Universal Shopping Cart” — pretty much the first unifying universal shopping cart of its kind. The new Chrome extension lets shoppers buy from multiple retailers and multiple websites within a single checkout process.

Marie says the goal with the launch of the extension is to make everything online shoppable. It’s a big goal, but she’s well on her way to achieving it as the extension currently recognizes over 20 million products — all of which have already been integrated with Shoppable technology.

The extension was developed in-house and Marie says it can read any website, including online news sites and blogs, and shows shoppers which products are shoppable and available for immediate purchase through a unified checkout.

Brands and retailers must integrate with Shoppable for the technology to work with their merchandise and receive orders. Although Shoppable accepts orders in a single step for consumers, individual retailers and merchants ship products directly to consumers.

“With Shoppable, most users checkout from two or more retailers at once which enables them to complete a purchase more than twice as fast,” Marie says.

So how does it work?

Once you install the extension, you simply have to click the icon to activate and it will add a “buy button” and checkout for almost any page you visit on the web.

You can create an account, save payment and shipping information, create and save wish lists, search and save new items and connect to Facebook with the extension, as well.

The extension also lets you add items to your shopping cart without leaving the page or re-directing you to specific merchants or retailers.

You can download the new Shoppable Google Chrome extension here

By Ashley Paintsil



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