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Woozworld Announces Partnerships with UOL BoaCompra

On November 7, 2017, Woozworld, a game geared towards fashion, has announced its partnership with UOL BoaCompra, an online payment company focused on international platforms in the digital world. Woozworld has more than 30 million users through Europe and the United States, allowing users to create their own virtual universe focused on the world of fashion.

Players of Woozworld can now use the payment platform, available for both desktop and mobile devices. The country with the largest number of downloads for the app, 700 thousand to Android, is Brazil. Within the app, players can create fashion profiles by using Wooztilista; these profiles can be inspired by the styles of famous and popular artists. Users also have the options to build business, buy clothes, and take part in fashion shows. To add to the community aspect of the game, players can play, converse, and follow friends within the app.

Woozworld also allows players to use collections from each season of the year, in addition to clothes that are in fashion commonly used in a particular period. Users can acquire items and novelties for increased personalization of their looks.

Artist, including singer Bruno Mars and the band Simple Plan, have participated in Woozworld with Bruno Mars even performing a virtual show. The five band members of Simple Plan have created their avatars and traveled around the virtual city. In addition to customizing clothes, users are able to change their haircuts.

The Woozworld’s partnership with UOL BoaCompra allows users from all of Latin America to purchase personalized game items. This partnership also allows players to purchase items in their own national currencies. The most active members of the game are located in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. However, the largest Woozworld community is in the United States. In May 2017, the game became available in both Portuguese and Spanish. The average time of engagement for the app is 25 minutes for 6 weekdays. Of the 30 million total players throughout the world, 76& are girls and 24% are boys, with the age ranging mostly from 9 to 16.

The BoaCompra payment platform has been made available to users in Brazil and Latin America, offering over 150 methods of local payments with all types of credit cards, bank payment forms, bank transfers, and virtual wallets such as PagSeguro and Go4Gold.

“Players will be able to have faster access to the most sought after items in the game. Just as in the world of fashion, Woozworld is fast-moving, and we are satisfied that we can help to improve the user’s experience.  We are expecting even greater growth of the community in Latin America,” Alain Delcourt, CEO of BoaCompra, said.

About BoaCompra:

UOL BoaCompra is a company specializing in local online payments to international platforms. A leader in the games segment in Brazil, it has clients of global standing such as Valve Corporation, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Oasis Games, Smilegate and Bigpoint. Its strong presence in Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, enables it to offer more than 150 methods of payment in local currencies to users of its platform. It also provides the Go4Gold virtual wallet, created especially for transactions in games (https://go4gold.uol.com.br).  UOL BoaCompra also contributes to the professional development of e-Sports through the independent XLG UOL league (http://xlg.uol.com.br). For more information visit: https://boacompra.com.

About Woozworld: 

Woozworld is the owner and operator of the social network and virtual fashion world in which millions of adolescents and pre-adolescents throughout the planet can construct and totally personalize their characters to create stories showing their own styles while having fun with thousands of stylish and realistic virtual clothes. With mobile apps and the desktop version, Woozworld enables its members to play, have conversations, follow their friends, all in an extremely secure and free of cost. 30 million members of communities in their different languages can have their first experiences at virtual shopping centers, build virtual businesses, show up at fashion shows and organize activities in a universe that has no limits. 



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