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“You’re never too Little to Make a Big Difference” with Who’s Little?

“You’re only young once.” Sara Caterinicchia, designer and founder of Who’s Little?, has found that the most inspiring time in a girl’s life is when she’s a child, so why not cherish it? Caterinicchia founded her startup to savor the moment of youth and inspire other to share it with those in need. The philanthropic startup has created a concept, inspired by TOMS, that allows consumers to purchase fashionable dresses for their daughters. For every dress sold, a dress is given to a child in need.

It’s astonishing how much one outfit can change a mood or outlook. No matter the age, this theory is adapted to children as well. Founded in 2009, Who’s Little? Offers three collections for special-occasion, “I Am!,” the youngest collection, for ages 0 to 24 months, “Who’s Little?,” for ages 2 to 6 years old, and “Not Me!,” for ages 7 to 10 years old. Caterinicchia has created a program that not only ensures childhood memories, but spread joy to all children. She stated, “A new outfit has the power to lift spirits, raise hopes, and spark dreams. By partnering with Charities that serve the neediest children, the One Girl, One Dress Project my hope is that I can lend a hand and spread some joy.”

Based in Los Angeles, Caterinicchia has a background in fashion. Being inspired to sew and design from her grandmother, Anna Colucci, Caterinicchia pursued designing and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of California. Her collections are inspired by innocence, joy, and “princess-y” dresses that Caterinicchia’s mother used to buy when she was a young girl.

The company has created its own charity, the One Girl, One Dress Project. For every dress sold by Who’s Little?, the startup will donate an occasion dress to a young girl in need. The charity became the backbone for the brand, and created a way for young girls to take part in inspiring and changing lives. In the United States alone, there are 16.4 million children growing up in poverty. Caterincchia believes that one dress can “lift spirits, raise hopes, and spark dreams.”

Caterincchia has experience in volunteering in her community with charities such as Operation School Bell, the Young Actors Project, and Baby2Baby. This has caused her to witness poverty during the current economic situation and has created the basis of her mission with Who’s Little?. Caterincchia stated, “I hope that by inspiring the [girls] during this impressionable age, Who’s Little? and One Girl, One dress will empower these girls to seek out additional charitable opportunities in other areas of their lives.” Who’s Little? creates a reason for mother and daughter to purchase that perfect dress and ultimately affect another girl’s life.

Who’s Little? online store is coming soon, to purchase email info@whoslittle.com.

by Samara Freschman



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